Hiking the Hollywood Sign during my internship at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles, CA.

Hello! My name is Grace Thomas and I am a newly minted Data Specialist for the Library of Congress Web Archiving Team! Since August 2016, I’ve steadily been learning the intricacies of crawling, preserving, and making accessible snapshots of the Internet that LC subject specialists deem crucial for the collection. After six months, I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible, yet still feel at the tip of the iceberg. I am beyond thrilled to see how my career with digital preservation and my time at LC evolve.

Before moving to Washington, DC, I discovered my love for Digital Humanities during my undergraduate work in English and Computer Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (especially the phenomenal Center for Digital Research in the Humanities). From there, I continued learning and practicing by focusing in Digital Libraries during my dual masters degree program in Library Science and Information Science at Indiana University. Check out some of my projects and internships here or peruse my CV here.

In DC, I am attempting not to museum too hard, but you will typically find me at the National Gallery of Art East Building during the day, and on a Claire Underwood-style run on the National Mall after sunset!

Email me anytime at gracehthom [at] gmail [dot] com!